Did you have to bore me sooo bad in the guided meditation?

There seems to have become a standard guided meditation that goes something like this: You are in a wood. You look around you and see a path through the woods. You walk the path and find a cave. You enter the cave and find a pool. Beside the pool stands a woman. It is the Goddess. The Goddess meets you in some guise and gives you a gift. You take the path back and somehow in your infinite knowledge know exactly what this gift means. Phoooey!

More often than not you daydreamed and never got to the path. Or the Goddess was your Great Aunt Hattie who terrified you as a child and who stared at you in disbelief and didn’t give you anything and you feel let down or ready to run. Or worse you aren’t somebody who visualizes well and went nowhere.

And to make it even worse everybody else is describing the wonderful things they got and you’re sure they made it up. Guess what? They may have and it’s okay. Guided meditation may not be your thing. Or the person leading it isn’t very good at it. The timing may have been off, for instance, right after a big lunch in a warm dark room. Or you have been or done that same stupid unimaginative meditation so many times you are bored out of your flaming skull. You may have the attention span of the average five year old. They may have an odd way of speaking and you end up thinking about that instead of meditating.

Not everything done in ritual works for everyone. It is just a fact of life. It’s something most teachers don’t tell you because they want you to try everything. Learning to visualize if you must do it can take time. You may need to hold one object in your mind at a time. Or you may not be dependent on sight and sound. You may need to do a moving meditation like yoga or Tai Chi or dancing.

If you are new you want to be able to do everything. We don’t all have every talent. Let it go and maybe farther on you will get it. Or you were right in the first place and the leader is a bore and didn’t do the meditation well.

If you are leading a guided meditation use your imagination. Do something different. Put it somewhere besides a cave or by a pool. Keep it at a steady speed this is neither the 10 yard dash nor a marathon. Try to follow what you are saying yourself. This is not performance art or a theatrical presentation. Their eyes are probably closed, remember? Try to memorize it, reading it can be distracting. Have a reason to do it other than the outline for this ritual called for it. Are we gaining something in knowledge about this sabbat? Are we trying to achieve personal goals?
But however it turned out, its okay if nothing happened this time. If nothing else you relaxed for a few minutes and studied the insides of your eyelids for awhile. In this day and age that isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.