How to find natural sacred spaces

1. Use your intuition. How does it feel? Does it pull at you with some need to walk or enjoy or stir some emotion in you like peace or worship.
2. Get a fault map of the area or a topo map. You can dowse on a topo map to see what pulls your pendulum or other dowsing instrument.
3. Not every power spot speaks to every person. You may find one that uniquely speaks to you alone or your friends may not speak to you at all.
4. Looks for places that have water. In Los Angeles this is rare enough that you should pay attention. Of course I am disregarding any swimming pool.
5. Look for trees, especially the California Canyon live oak. They seem to create the space around them as sacred areas but also look for other groups of trees. Redwoods and incense cedars also seem to draw and keep energy.
6. Explore and be aware of what’s around you, some places may surprise you out of nowhere.
7. Places where the Native peoples of California gathered are a good clue too.
8. Look for the paradoxes in the wild bit. Places that never burn although look like they should have since California’s natural areas are designed to burn. It’s the only way some plants and trees regenerate. Does this place have a protective spirit? Or look for places that seem to constantly be under threat of fire. I think these attract those among the spiritually sensitive that are destroyers. I suspect they don’t even know why they are attracted to those places.
9. So be open, be welcoming and always aware and you will find them.