Tomorrow I’m going out to the Pagan Studies Conference at Claremont Graduate School. Sunday I’m part of the author’s panel. I’m very excited and nervous. Haven’t figured out which story to read yet from the Heart Town Witch. Part of me wants to read a new story like Bella, the belly dancing bear that I just put up on the Littlest Druid blog.

I can’t wait to hear what other people are presenting. One of our new LBWS (Long Beach WomenSpirit) members is presenting early tomorrow so that will be good.


9:00 – 10:30 Session One

James Jacob Pierri – Being a Pagan artist in the modern day

Alfred Surenyan, DMA – The Goddess Sings: The Musical Identity of Modern Paganism

10:45 -12:15 Session Two

Wendy Griffin, Ph.D. and Marie Cartier, Ph.D. – Herlands: Finding Goddess on Lesbian Land

Kenneth Christensen – Towne of Trees and Ph.Ds

Kahena Viale, Ph. D. – Identity Without Revelation: Embodied Knowledge as an Alternative to Revealed Text

Key Note Presentation: Hyperion

2:15 – 3:45 Session Three – Discourses of Identity and Authenticity in Modern Paganisms

Sabina Magliocco, Ph.D – Indigenousness and the Discourse of Authenticity in Modern Paganisms

Amy Hale, Ph.D., – Locating Identity and Authenticity in Radical Traditionalism and the Pagan New Right

Sam Webster, M. Div. – Can a Magician be a Pagan?

4:00 – 5:30 Session Four

Murtagh A. anDoile –  The Pagan History Project: Toward a Cohesive Narrative of Actual Fact and Mythic Histories

Tony Mierzwicki – Cyberpaganism

Jennifer Wong – Pagans Finding Identity Through the Online Meetup Phenomenon

6:00 Ritual


Session Five

Doe Daughtrey – The Mormon Pagan Experience

Seth Clark – Lughnasa and Religious Identity: Freedom in the Harvest

Kimberly D. Kirner, PhD – Living Paradox: Defining Community and Identity in Non-Exclusive Spirituality

Session Six

Jeffrey Albaugh – TO BE ANNOUNCED

Joseph Futerman, Ph.D. – Identity and the Magickal Name

Elizabeth Malamed, MA, LMFT, CIBPP – I am a Stag of Seven Tines: Identity Expansion in Paganism and its Implications

Key Note Presentation: Dr. Z. Budapest

Session Seven – Pagan Literature Panel

Kat Robb— Heart Town Witch and Other Stories

Barbara Ardinger, Ph.D. — Secret Lives

Gayle Brandeis—The Book of Live Wires

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