Archive | December 29, 2011

Jade’s take

The Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess–International (RCG-I) is a religion based on women’s mysteries. These include the cycle of a woman’s life and women’s blood mysteries.

Women’s blood mysteries embrace children as they are born with the blood of their mothers. We honor girls as their blood welcomes them to womanhood. We celebrate the blood given by women in order to open their wombs to pleasure and fertility. Mothers bring forth new life with blood and courage. When the Old One holds our blood and gives us wisdom we honor this also. When finally, the blood of our body is stilled, we give ourselves back to the Mother Goddess with gratitude and wonder.

Many of these experiences can only be fully understood by women-born-women. With deep understanding and affection for women who were not born women, we acknowledge they cannot share this perspective. Because of this, RCG-I activities, training programs and services are offered for women-born-women only.

Unlike many religious traditions the Re-formed Congregation of the Goddess—International does not limit its members to only one spiritual practice. We encourage our members to celebrate their spirituality with men, boys and their transgendered sisters and brothers in other venues. We actively network women within the Congregation to other places and organizations where this can happen.

RCG-I celebrates women’s mysteries. There are times when women need to honor and celebrate this. RCG-I is this place.