Archive | December 23, 2011

Our Solstice ritual by Joanne & Anniitra

For directions, we will be calling in the spirits of trees, and
Goddess, fairies, etc. as you are moved, but the main focus is
embracing the energy of the trees.
East – Birch for clarity, direction, focus
South – Fir for energy and action
West – Willow for compassion
North – Cedar – for healing and grounding
Center – Oak for magical blessings of all the trees

Our thoughts are that the trees are holders of stories, safe spirits
who can bear our hurts, give us energy, enlighten, heal and guide us.
Trees are old souls. They can bear our burdens. We can trust them with
our secrets and dreams.
Trees have different energies and properties, some of which cross over.
We are calling in just a small portion of the vastness they are, but in
doing so, we are tapping the whole. By relating to the one, our energy
can be carried to the others through the vast root system in the dark
of the mother where they all gather and are nourished.
Our very tears, our sweat, the rain – all flow to the mother. The trees
tap into the richness there. We can devine wisdom from each other,
connect, send healing, blessings, love; for ourselves, and the mother
that we care for.

As people gather, we will offer warm cider. We can sing our some of our
solstice songs.
As we prepare to start the ritual, someone will smudge and annoint the

We will cast our circle with Priestesses calling in the trees

Oak will moderate and possibly share some of the sentiments mentioned
above, along with what the Goddess would have shared.
She will then lead into speaking of the dark of the season, turning the
focus to the dark altar.

Dark – Anniitra – will share with the circle
As she concludes she will focus on turning to the light and
Light – Joanne – will share with the circle
After she concludes she will introduce ElfKat who will share her
beautiful Tree Story

Oak will then invite the Tree Priestesses to speak of their qualities,
and have the attendees come to their small altars to receive a tree
card and any blessing/words or wisdom, etc. the Priestess would like to
Attendees can visit any or all of the Tree Priestesses, then light
their candles and be seated.

A special Tree song will be played.

Oak will begin releasing the clrcle, with the trees following.