Archive | December 12, 2011

Ideas for gift giving to people on a fixed income

Ideas for gift giving to the unemployed, under employed, on disability or Social Security. I thought I’d give some ideas for people who are on fixed incomes. Yes, it’s fun to get a Christmas gift that you wouldn’t get otherwise but sometimes needs are more imperative so here goes:

If you are going to give a gift card, something like Target which now has groceries and usually cheaper than a grocery store or the actual grocery store. They may need cleaning supplies, cat supplies or toilet paper.

Rolls of quarters for laundry if they live in a building that has pay washers and dryers.

A gas card or money for gas, (either kind) the electric bill or rent.

If they don’t get out much take them to a movie or out for coffee.

They may be feeling awful about not being able to get gifts for you so a card is alright and doesn’t make them feel bad that they can’t go all out for you at the moment.

Be creative but not overwhelming is key.