Last night’s wind was hellacious as is the damage all over. I was supposed to go to the free day at the Huntington Library and they had to close it because of wind damage. They closed the LA Arboretum too. They posted pictures awhile ago on line and it looks like a bomb went off there.

The cat takes the wind personally and has decided the camelia outside the window is the enemy so she gets up on the window sill and tries to kill it with her mighty paws of death. She finds it offensive if we laugh.

I drove The Rogue to work today because the wind was too strong to ride her bike and I’m glad I did because a tree was down on the bike path. She might have been riding under it when it fell. I didn’t see it on the way but it was there on the way home. Don’t know if it was too dark on the way or it came down in the space of that 15 minutes. Another had fallen when I went back to get her when she got off.

This is the kind of weather when I look like the Scottish and Swedish travel posters from when I was a kid. All full of rosy cheeked children that look healthy but are really just chapped from having fair skin. You start to live in the Land of Itch.

It’s supposed to be windy through Saturday up here. Hope it isn’t at the Faire. It’s murder when the wind blows the tents around. And I really don’t want to read in a wind tunnel. It’s also supposed to be in the thirties tomorrow morning and Saturday. Brrrr.

I’m just glad they trimmed the palm trees earlier this month because driving over palm fronds can pop your tires. They have huge thorns on the frond’s base.

Just found out Descanso is closed today too.

We don’t have snow days here. We have wind and earthquake days. The guy at JPL said 1997 was worse. I remember hiding in my Pasadena Apt for that one. It sounded like we were headed for OZ at any moment.

I love wind. I’m a double Gemini, sun and moon, but it really is enough.