Okay, I admit it. I’m not even a third of the way down listing my books on and I admit I’m addicted to the damn thing. I’m currently at 825 books and having way to much fun. They have a thing called legacy libraries that are the libraries of 207 famous readers and it’s fascinating to go and see who you have books in common with. So far I have books in common with several neat libraries, like James Boswell and the International Space Station. One intrigues me a lot. Jackie Gleason had a copy of Positive Magic. That was the first magical book assigned for me to read by my first HP back before even the Spiral Dance was published. It was the only beginning book at the time. So why did Jackie Gleason have it in his library.

Doubt is I’m ever going to catch up with tagging all my library. Too many to enter still.

I have 2 medals so far for filling in Common Knowledge like the sexes of authors and whether they are still alive. Since I know some of these authors personally it isn’t too hard to do. Had fun filling my own author information in too.

If I ever get to the point where I start adding the stuff I’ve read but don’t own, it will put my numbers well into the thousands.

I love the fact that you can find out how rare the books in your library are. The lower the number the rarer the library. So far I’ve kept it well in the 200’s thanks to all the pagan and old Scottish books I have. Not one for best sellers unless an author I’m fond of becomes one after I’ve started reading them which happens with a lot of sci-fi and fantasy authors.