Archive | November 21, 2011


Got hooked entering books in over the weekend. It’s like but goodreads is for books you’ve read and librarything is more for catalogueing the books you own. It has a nifty bar code scanner but the problem is I have a lot of books pre-UPC and ISBN coding. Some books so old they have no copyright date. This could take awhile. I only got 200 books listed yesterday and that was only a few shelves. We have bookcases that are over 8 feet tall and crammed double with books. Did I say it would take awhile?

I’m glad we no longer have the thousands of cookbooks my mom and grandmother collected for fun. Rarely used them but the collected them. When Grandma died she had over 500 just by her self. We did keep things like the White House cookbook from early in the last century but we got rid of most of them. The only ones my mom used with great regularity were Joy of Cooking, Better Homes and Gardens and Betty Crocker. Otherwise she used her recipe files on 3×5 cards.


This has been the prettiest and most vibrantly coloured fall I ever remember. It’s also been the coldest I can ever remember which why the trees are so pretty. I wouldn’t mind a little Southern California warm right about now but it’s supposed to rain again on Thanksgiving. We weren’t going to have a Thanksgiving but a friend is having me work for her for a couple of days so we got to be able to get our turkey breast. Neither of us like dark meat so a breast is just perfect for 2 people and any left over goes for sandwichs. Yum! As long as we have some of Ali’s mashed potatoes and turkey that’s enough for me to be thankful for.


I was doing all the recipes and got curious about Swedish cuisine and looked it up on Wikipedia. Pretty funny because for all our family’s always talking about the Scots we were fed a Swedish diet. Most of which I don’t mind except for the coffee. Did you know the Swedes are the 2nd largest consumer of milk with meals? Or consumer period? The Finns are number one. That explains why we always had milk with every meal. I could never figure out why my friends had water or soda which we weren’t allowed except for a treat at a restaurant. No Kool Aid either. We could have fresh lemonade and ice tea.

Also explains the pastries and the fish all the time.