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Mary said it was time to put this one up

Great- grandpa Alex
Great- grandpa Alex

For anyone’s holiday pleasure that wants to make it, here is my great-grandfather’s Scottish Shortbread recipe.

1 lb of flour, preferably unbleached, this equals 4 cups

1 lb of butter and don’t you dare use margarine! That would be a crime!

¼ lb of brown sugar but I cheat and use a loosely packed cup which is more than a ¼ lb.

Cut a large rectangle of brown paper out of a paper bag and put it aside.

Combine all 3 ingredients by hand, no cheating with a mixer! Until it is a smooth, well mixed ball of dough.

Pat out flat on the brown paper about ½ inch thick. Prick with fork to break apart later or don’t and just break it into bits when done.

Place in 350 degree oven for around 15 minutes or until light tan. Do not slip a pan underneath. Just put the paper in the oven. The grease from the butter will prevent the paper from burning.

Remove from oven. Let cool a bit and serve with a nice cup of tea. I prefer Twining’s Prince of Wales.

easy cookie – Sand Tarts

Sand Tarts

1 lb cane sugar
¾ lb butter
3 eggs
1 lb flour

Cream butter; add sugar, and eggs one at a time
Beating to mix
Add flour and mix well
Place in refrigerator until cold (covered) or overnight if necessary
Take out a handful and roll to 1/8 inch thin
Cut into shapes
Place on lightly greased or foiled cookie sheet


Beat one whole egg slightly (sometimes 2 are needed)
Make a mixture of sugar and cinnamon (or you could use the leftover from the Ginger Krinkles)
Brush each cookie with egg
Sprinkle on the sugar mix
Top with finely chopped nuts (walnuts)
Bake at 375 degrees until done 8-10 minutes
Remove from sheet to cool

One of my family’s recipe says 350 other 375 degree. Probably because it predates calibrated ovens. These are really good

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