Musings and thanks

The cookie juggernaut rolls on. I almost have enough for a cook book of my own. When my great- grandparents moved the family to Los Angeles in 1901 they opened up their bakery on Vermont Ave. Someday I’m going to have to look for where it was if I can find the address.

5000 blog posts is a lot. I started this because Cam thought it was a good way for me to keep in touch while he was in cancer treatment. At the time he thought he’d get better and he thought I could meet the people he loved and met while journaling and he remembered I liked to write and he liked my stories.

He didn’t make it and this became my grief counseling outlet. I have met a lot of people in these crazy screeds that I adore. Some I have even met in person now if I didn’t meet them at Cam’s funeral. I am so grateful for him bugging me until I did it.

As I’ve written more and more people have joined me here on my sometimes crabby but mostly hopeful path through my life. You are so welcome!

You have given me much joy, and let me share your lives with you. You’ve given me your best thoughtful feedback. You’ve helped me through more rough spots than you know. I’ve learned more about bear/otter and cub subculture than a lesbian should ever know especially on Fur Friday. LOL!

You’ve read my stories and asked for more and let this writer know when she was on the right track and when I needed to do some editing.

Every one of you is part of my family constellation and my chosen family and I thank you so very, very much for listening. You have no idea how wonderful you are to me.