Archive | November 3, 2011

11/11/11 is not special. Nothing to see here just move along

I’m getting really annoyed with emails about 11/11/11 and about dates like 2012. Dates are a human construct. 200 years ago when we changed from the Julian Calendar to the Gregorian Calendar 11/11/11 would have been on a different Day. The Ab Urbe Condita Calendar says it’s 2764. The Buddhist Calendar says it’s 2555. Or if you are Chinese it’s 4648. Since the Gregorian Calendar is 10 days off 11/11/11 is already over and nothing happened.

Time is circular and a spiral and yet humans persist in trying to quantify it in different ways and if you are pagan all time is now. So it makes no difference what the day is. So what if the Mayan calendar says the world ends on 2012. Which by the way is not on the Mayan Calendar. All the other calendars don’t and the world won’t end nor will it change in any substantive fashion. The world didn’t end because that crackpot Camping said it was going to either.

The only time that really matters is geologic type and since those take thousands of years I’m not going to get excited about it. Nothing will happen differently on 11/11/11 any more than something happened when your odometer clicked over to 111111. This is a Western time construct. I will say that astrology is a different thing. It is the charting of a place not an arbitrary selection of naming in time.

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