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Leonard’s story Book 2 Chapter 19

Chapter 19

The whole camp went up to the Dining Hall. Leonard could see groups of campers talking excitedly all around him and felt strangely alone. He knew where he was supposed to go at least at first since he felt most at home with Earth but he really want to learn from all the tutors. He wondered if they would get the chance to talk to the other tutors. He knew he could speak to Celedon. She had made that clear but he wanted to talk to Inger and Ara and, of course, Puck most of all.

Who wouldn’t want to learn from one of the oldest magical beings on the planet? Leonard was absent mindedly following the crowd back up the hill to finish the dishes. He was thinking so hard he had fallen behind the crowd.

A figure slid to a stop in front of him. “So… you want to learn from everyone, do you?”

Puck had appeared in front of him and none of the others stopped or noticed. Leonard, for a moment couldn’t answer so he nodded.

When he could stop staring he asked, “How did you know?”

Puck sat down cross-legged on the ground and motioned for Leonard to do the same. Puck cocked his head and smiled, “You are a lot like your mother.”

“You know my mom???”

“Not lately, she’s too busy nowadays with you and your family and her job. But I see her from time to time. Been watching you, Tadpole for a long time. Your grandmother thought you’d be something special when you were born.”

Leonard’s mind at that moment felt like it had a crazed hamster on a wheel.

“Do you know others in my family?”

“I’ve known your family since the beginning.”

This really had Leonard thinking. Puck had known his family for farther back than Leonard could imagine.

“Don’t get that excited,” laughed Puck, “I’ve known every person in this camp’s families since the beginning. It’s not an accident that you all end up here. You aren’t that special, yet…”

“What does that mean?” Leonard demanded. Leonard forgot who he was talking to for a moment.

“Well, without the proper training, none of you are very interesting, to be truthful. Your bunch seems to be special though. You all shine brighter than the ones who came before you. You could make the world change and maybe let those who can’t be seen now, be seen again someday.”

Puck stood up and started to turn around. “And yes, if you want to you can study with us all, even me.”

Puck turned again and disappeared and left Leonard sitting there in the dirt,