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Leonard’s story Book 2 Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Leonard and Greg came back with their sticks and sat expectantly at their table. Thorn waited until everyone had a stick and was back. Thorn looked at Ash and they stood up on opposite sides of the table.

Thorn looked at them quietly and said, “When I pour the wax into your jars you must stay still so I don’t spill. I’m going to ask you to bring your jars to me one by one, a table at a time. I would like it quiet here. I want you to think about what you have learned so far this week and hold those images in your mind. Think of all the elements not just the ones you may have thought you showed an affinity for. I want you to visualize all five colours of the elements. Ash is going to make this a special place and when he does you are not to go outside of the area until he or I says so, All right?”

The campers all nodded.

She had started to turn around and walk to the cabin and stopped. “And if I catch anyone sticking their fingers in the wax I’m gonna make you clean all my dye pots and then scrape glue off the tables and maybe make you run around the Dining Hall flapping like a chicken? Depends on my mood when we’re finished.” She laughed as she turned and walked into the cabin.

Greg looked at Leonard and said, “Remind me not to make her mad,” and just shook his head.

Ash walked slowly around the group holding his arm out to the side as he walked. Leonard could tell he was concentrating and because of his study with his grandmother he could fell the energy rise around him. The temperature began to rise too so he knew they were in a circle. Leonard was impressed. No fancy invocation or arm waving just a measured pace. He thought he’d like to learn to do it that way.

Thorn came out of the cabin with a large pot with a pouring spout on the side and wearing heavy gloves. “First table line up here and bring your jars and wicks. Remember what I said about holding the five colours in your mind?” The campers all nodded.

“Well, if that seems difficult, think your way through the five elements instead. What are they again?”

“Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit,” answered the campers.

“Great! You can say it to yourself just like that and make it a chant in your head if you need to.”

Thorn set the first jar down on the table and started pouring the wax. Quickly they were through the first table and Leonard was really glad when his table was called to the pouring. It was getting really hot. He kept repeating to himself, ‘Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit,’ and trying to visualize them as he said it. He waited behind Greg in line. He could see Greg ticking the elements off on one hand down at his side. Then it was his turn.

Thorn whispered, “Are you ready?” Leonard nodded.

Thorn poured the wax into the jar with a steady hand. He could see the wax and the circle heat were making her sweat and he was glad he wasn’t the only one feeling the heat. Soon all the candles were poured and everyone was back at their tables.

Ash stood up and walked back around the circle in the opposite direction. Leonard felt the cool rush back in and was very grateful. The whole group slumped in relief and Thorn laughed. “You gaias are good! This is going to be a very interesting summer!” She and Ash looked at each other and laughed harder. Leonard and Greg looked at each other and just shrugged. ‘Adults!?!”