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Leonard’s Story Book 2 Chapter 14

Chapter 14

The bell rang and it was time to get moving to Arts & Crafts. He wondered what they would do today. A&C at music camp had been a bit of a bore. They trudged across the meadow and over the stream to the log cabin where Arts & Crafts took place. They got up the hill and over to the tables and looked around.

“Anyone here?” Owl yelled.

“Who are you yelling at Owl?” as a woman appeared behind Owl suddenly. Owl jumped and the campers all laughed. A woman with a green and white striped shirt waved at them with a grin on her face. “I love doing that to him.” She said. She was about medium height with green framed glasses and her honey coloured hair in braids.

“I’m Thorn, by the way. I, as you can see I am the Arts & Crafts Director.” She pointed at her shirt which seemed to have been daubed with every colour of the rainbow in paint and ink. And yes, I have two elements and you’ll find I’m not the only one. Anyway, today we’re going to do some candle making. One kind we will use here at a ceremony at the end of the week and one that you can take home. That one you may NOT burn here, period.”

Leonard and Greg looked at each other, Leonard whispered to Greg, “Two elements?”

Greg just raised an eyebrow and shrugged.

“Okay campers, inside there are some tables. Grab a glass jar from the first one and come back out here. ONE TABLE AT A TIME!” she yelled when the stampede started and pointed at the first table.

Thorn was cutting lengths of braided cord and handing them out to the rest of the campers while they waited for the first table to come back. When they were back she pointed at Leonard and Greg’s table. They went into the log cabin and it was not exactly what they expected. Leonard stopped cold to just look around. He thought his grandmother would like it a lot. It had four round tables by the doors and he saw the glass jars they were supposed to get but there was so much else to see. No wonder the first group had taken so long.

There were bunches of herbs hanging from the ceiling and tools along the back wall. There was a wood burning stove in the corner and a big fireplace along another wall. There were stained glass pieces gleaming in the sunlight of the west windows. A painting easel was in a back corner. The wall behind him had all sizes of cabinets and cubbies filled with all sorts of colourful supplies and the whole room smelled amazing because of the herbs. There was also a large black cat sitting in the rafters staring down at them with huge golden eyes from the loft. ‘She must sleep up there,’ thought Leonard, he could see a dresser and a cot. ‘What a cool place to live.’

“You Gaias coming?” Thorn yelled in the door and pointed at the jars. “See something interesting?” She grinned at them.

Leonard and Greg grabbed the jars and joined their table and waited for the last table to get their jars.

“Okay, this part will be a bit boring. We’re just going to take this string and suspend it in the jar. I’ll pour the wax and we let it set until it’s hard. When it’s hard I have special glass paint to use on the jars. While it’s hardening we are going to try some dip candles. Those are the ones you will take home with you. But first you need to go find a small twig to suspend your wick from. It has to be wider than the mouth of the jar so it won’t fall in. If I were you I’d try over their under the oaks. Go!” She pointed to the hillside and went over to talk to Oak while the campers scrambled to find the right stick.

Leonard and Greg headed to the hill with the rest of them to look. When Leonard turned around to look and Thorn and Oak were talking intently to each other. Grandmother had told him about Oak, Ash and Thorn as magical trees, how funny they were people at camp. ‘What if next three counselors were named Bell, Book and Candle’, he giggled to himself?