Archive | October 1, 2011

Мои твиты

  • Пт, 19:31:
  • Сб, 00:07: Cittibank is now going to charge their poor customers $15 a month and if you’re rich you account is free
  • Сб, 00:09: I’m switching to my credit union. It’s free. $15. = 5 gallons of milk, or a prescription or 2 weeks of cat food to use my own money.
  • Сб, 00:13: @Citibank you suck. You just lost a 20 year customer. You are unfair to the poor or unemployed. Seriously? $15 bucks?
  • Сб, 01:02: You may feel like a kite that is bouncing around in the breeze… More for Gemini