Archive | September 13, 2011


I would love to know what pheromone I said out that says “hey I dumped you but it’s been over 20 years so come find me” because I would immediately stop. The second of my exes after being told to go away in no uncertain terms is trying sneakily but not very intelligently to get back in my life. She has no set up an LJ under a pseudonym which is fine and no clue when you read it who it belongs to but then she followed up with a follow to my twitter account that lists that website as her website. She has also tried to friend me on Linked in and on Goodreads. I guess FB is next if she can find it.

Why do the only 2 women I ever dumped on bad terms want back in my life? It’s certainly because I’m so terribly cute and irresistible. I’m not terribly nice, at least I don’t think so. And the exes I might want to hear from aren’t clamoring in get back in my life. What am I doing wrong? Do they have so few friends that they need to go back 20 years to find one? It’s not like they are my camp friends, I didn’t know either of them then. So they aren’t part of a wider group I socialize with although one has an ex in my core group but the other lives in the northern part of the state.

I wish I knew what it was because I really, really would like to stop it before any of the guys I got set up with my sorority start showing up.

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