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Here are the stories in my new book.

The Lonely Little Star

Heart Town

The Heart Town Witch

The Heart Town Witch Learns to Sing

The Heart Town Witch Gardens

How the Air Learned to Sing

How the Earth Learned to Dance

How the Water Learned to Laugh

How Fire Learned Her Magic

The Littlest Druid

The Littlest Druid Celebrates Summer Solstice

The Littlest Druid Waits for Imbolq

The Leaf and Hecate

The Ant


The Ninja Bunnies of Texas

Bjorn the Bear’s Winter Dream

The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark

Kwan Yin and the Goldfish

Brighid’s Flame

Artemis’s Hound



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Thoughts on 9/11

Today was an awful day in our history but we have acted since out of all proportion to the events.

We acted like we were the only ones that had ever dealt with terrorists and that was wrong. What we lost was our ability to deny we were superior to the rest of the world in our own minds and untouchable and we reacted with vindictiveness and revenge and hate for an entire faith and race of people.

We could have consulted with Britain that had been dealing with IRA terrorism for years and we could have learned from their mistakes. We could have learned from how France and Spain have dealt with Basque terrorists or the way the Italians dealt with the Red Brigade but no, we had to wage war on two countries that had groups that had harmed us but had not harmed us as countries. The only reason we really went after Iraq was because George Bush had daddy issues and Cheney knew he could exploit that and he did. His new book all but says he was the President for the first 4 years of George Bush’s reign of terror on the rest of the world.

Don’t get me wrong what Al Qaeda did was heinous, awful, hateful and a lot of other adjectives but our reaction was not right. If this is an allegedly “Christian country” as the right keeps saying it wasn’t how Jesus would have reacted. The only time Christ committed violence was against moneylenders in a temple. No, I don’t think turning the other cheek was right answer either but war wasn’t either.

We aren’t safer. We live in governmentally encouraged fear against a group that sent out 19 guys with box cutters. We gave Al Qaeda the power they wanted. We empowered Bin Laden, no one else. Something we should think about because most of the terrorist acts from the founding of this country in 1776 have been committed by people from this country and we like to forget we can perpetuate evils on our selves. We are so sure we are superior to every one else; that we are some how more virtuous. We aren’t. We’re human and we need to learn to live with our fellow human beings or we really aren’t worth anything at all.

I personally think that was the day our government abandoned its moral compass and set about killing a lot of innocent people. And now more than twice the number of our soldiers have now been killed than people were killed on 9/11. Was the price worth it?