Archive | August 8, 2011

I got a new phone

I had to get a new phone so I went to Radio Shack to see what was on sale and to see if I could get a smart phone because even if our internet is off I still need to apply for jobs and I got one.

I’m in love.

I have always hated cell phones. Mostly because I just generally hate phones. No good reason I just always have and a cell phone just seemed too big brother.

But I got an android phone on sale and I’m ashamed to say I’m in love and at a much better rate than my old ATT brick that did nothing. Did I say it was on SALE! Yay! Anyway I got a Virgin mobile pay as you go which is 300 minutes a month which I will never use but it also has unlimited web access. And I uploaded a copy of my resume to the chip which has 2 gigs. 2 Gigs is more than my first computer had back in 1994???? I think it had 857 mb at the time and it was the top of the line HP when I got it.

But it’s the apps that are way too much fun. I have the Microsoft version of Office for droid and it was free! I haven’t paid for a single app. I’m amazed at all the free apps. I can deal with the advertising to surf the web not really any different from normal surfing. I’m amazed that I can go to all the job posting websites and still interact like a PC.

I’ve also downloaded a flashlight app; a note for story ideas (I was missing my list horribly from my laptop. I had 3 years of story ideas on it.) Nook; Kindle; Google books; Good Reads; the LA Times; ABC news; a sunrise and sunset calculator; a pagan holiday calendar; Facebook; a tarot and rune app I really like, Angry birds; of course, an alphabets of the word app so I can teach my self the Arabic alphabet and I can review Cyrlic; Linkedin; mahjong; Darth Vader and Picard Sound boards; A coupon app that loads savings onto my Ralphs card. I’m dangerous! Yes some are silly and fun but most aren’t and I love my phone!