Archive | May 27, 2011

Birthday Wish List

I decided to make a Birthday Wish List so that I feel better about turning 57 next week because this temp job just ended. No one is under any obligation to do absolutely anything but if you were thinking about it here are some suggestions.

Money for rent
A new tire (the metal is showing thru on one and another is bad too)
Gas money – on the good side it’s down to 3.95 this morning from 4.35 at the cheap station.
Tokens for the Orange line busline
Fancy Feast cat food – if she eats anything else, she’s at the vet
Cat litter
One of my generic prescriptions at Target
Suave Body wash – Mango Tangerine – 2.00
Crest toothpaste – no spearmint – it makes me hurl
Oral B battery toothbrush heads
Dell or Penny Press Variety Puzzle books
Lubriderm lotion
Niacin for my ears
Bag of David and Sons sunflower seeds
Jockey for her underwear Size 7 or 8, I’m not sure, I’ve been shrinking
(Frenchcut or hipsters)
Socks from target
Amazon gift certificate
Krusteaz cinnamon coffee cake mix
Red Rose tea or Twinnings Prince of Wales tea bags
AT&T Go phone card
Vacuum cleaner bags for an Electrolux upright
Scotts Toilet Paper

Email for me