Useless skills

Useless and out of date skills I was remembering, not ones you would ever put on a resume:


How to operate a mimeograph or make the templates. (Remember the smell?)

Same with a ditto machine, they weren’t the same thing.

How to set graphics using an exacto knife, adhesive graphics and blue graph board.

How to develop and enlarge a photograph

How to load my own film in a completely dark room, especially UV film

How to make a blueprint/sunprint with ammonia and blueprint paper

How to sew using a pattern and using an uncomputerized sewing machine

How to use an encyclopedia, the many volume paper kind

How to use a phone book

How to dial a rotary phone

How to read and orient a map

How to purify water using a black plastic bag and a bucket

How to replace a phonograph needle

How to operate a phonograph

How to use a card catalogue

How to put up a canvas tent with wood bars and rope lines

How to put up a tipi

How to use a blue pencil to edit

How to use a single edge razor blade

How to replace a double edge razor blade

How to load a Bell & Howell Movie projector

How to load a slide projector

How to use a phone with no phone number and only a party line

How to use a 110 film camera

How to use a Polaroid camera

How to use a Flash bulb/cube

How and when to use Kodachrome 25 and 64 film

How to use a cash register with push down keys

How to count change back to someone


 Edit:  How to use a typewriter, change the ribbon and use correction tape while typing.