End of the world? Not!


If you ask me this is an excuse for abusing your children. They so don’t want to take care of their family they are blinded by their phony belief system. I say phony because the Bible says “you shall not know the hour nor day of my coming”.

Obviously Mathew 23:36 http://bible.cc/matthew/24-36.htm was missed in their Bible Study. Or Mark 13:32 or the Acts of the Apostles 1:7 and I haven’t been in a Bible Study in 40 years and I still remember this?

And what if it did end tomorrow, I would miss some people I have loved in this life but at least the people around me that I love would be with me and we could start the clean up of the Earth. However at one point in Revelation (which was probably written about Nero and not anything contemporary to us). It says something about 144,000 and it seems to me 144,000 isn’t going to be noticed much when there are so many more people not missing in the world.

Anyone ready to start picking up the trash left behind on Sunday?