Archive | May 4, 2011

Osama Bin Ladin,0,7229481.story

I guess even the Dalai Lama is in favour of offing Osama Bin Ladin and don’t get me wrong he was a man who did great evil in the world. I have enormous mixed feelings about shooting someone who was un-armed in his bedroom with his wife. The ideal thing would have been for him to be tried in a world court for not just master minding 9/11 but for killing thousands of Muslims who had the misfortune to disagree with his brand of Islam but that was never ever going to happen.

And I hesitate to even write about it knowing I’m going to get jumped on by some but I don’t believe summarily executing someone is necessarily the right thing to do and it makes me very uncomfortable to rejoice in any one person’s death. Going on and jumping around and holding an American flag because he is dead is wrong. He wasn’t a cartoon character. He wasn’t the boogie man. He was a human being and seeing supposed Christians doing it when there own spiritual writings say ‘vengeance is mine saith the Lord’ makes me itch.

And very few of those jumping around did anything to get rid of the man. I can understand service people doing it, they have actually been in harm’s way although even that had more to do with George Bush than Osama Ben Ladin and I can even understand New Yorkers celebrating but since LA has never been the recipient of a terrorist attack from him I don’t think any here should be jumping around flag waving. It isn’t the end of any war and it may have the effect of attacking a hydra than stopping anything because somewhere out there is another charismatic religious fanatic waiting for their turn.

As a member of a minority religion it shows how easily someone the government disagrees with can be taken out. What if someday they decide there is no barrier between church and state? The Republicans and the Supreme Court seem to be headed that way. And there is now a whole movement that believes it’s okay to pray for the death of pagans some of them are a whole lot like Sarah Palin have actually held an office. These people are just as scary to me as Ben Ladin since among other things they think witch burning is a valid form of entertainment. They also believe that anyone that disagrees with them is a candidate for exorcism. EEK! I think our next brand of terrorism may come from them. So while I think he was a greatly evil person I have a real problem with how he died.