Archive | April 20, 2011

Books and such

I joined because a friend invited me. ::Waves at Shellyne:: I should have known better. I’ve listed over a 1000 books so far and I’m not even close to what’s in our house. I’d say 2/3’s of the ones I’ve listed I’ve given away to the hospital or the local public library. That’s just frightening.

 I did one good thing for my self though. I signed myself for an author page. That makes me feel kind of giddy and embarrassed at the same time. I need to publicize my books but it still feels a little weird. More than a little weird.

 So if you are on Goodreads I’m there in 2 places if you want to friend me. Once as Kat Robb, reader of way too many books and again as Mary Beth Robb, the author. I find it funny that they have to okay you for an author page before you can set the whole thing up. Mary Beth needs fans for her books too.

 I’m trying to work on some illustrations for the Lonely Little Star & other stories. I may add some more stories to the physical one than are on the Kindle version. The ones I wrote after I published it the first time.

  Just called an office and introduced myself the way I always do and the woman on the other end was acting decided peculiar. I found out why when I asked her name at the end of the call. We have to have the names of everyone we speak to. Her name was Mary Beth too. We both started giggling because there just aren’t very many Mary Beths and she was freaked out by it for some reason. Maybe we’re even rarer in Arizona than in California.

 She had me call a woman that was smacking gum while she talked on the phone and I am sorry but the sound of smacking gum is something that totally grosses me out and makes me gag. SOOOO unprofessional!



Life is for living
And love is for giving
And joy is for passing around

Join hands with each other
And love one another
And let’s let the music abound

Life is too short to waste it on gloom
Don’t let your love slip away so soon

Join hands with each other
And love one another
And let’s celebrate this good day.

For Li’l Shasta – because she asked


Merry-go-round, merry-go-round
I’ve watched the others go up and down
But you see, they’re not just like me
Why can’t I ride the merry-go-round?

I walked up to the man
My nickel in my hand
Although he had a kind face
He said you must leave this place.

Trying hard not to cry
Hoping and praying I’d die
For up in heaven there’ll be
A merry-go-round just for me.