musings for a Wodinsday

I was royally sick this morning because I was royally stupid. I take doxicycline because of my rosacea and I know better than to take it on an empty stomach and before I could stop my hand this morning I took it instead of putting it in my pocket until after I had something in my stomach at work like I normally do. I think it was 5 minutes before the porcelain goddess got me as her obedient servant. So when lunch came around I wanted something sturdy but calming in my stomach or soup. I thought about going to Whole Foods but I didn’t feel like driving. They serve breakfast all day and I was thinking maybe a scrambled egg and a biscuit but I decided to go to Quizno’s. I only eat out once a week and today is payday and treat day and turkey sounded good. I’ve never been in a Quizno’s before. I know, I know but I’m not that big of a sub fan and I’ve never worked close to one before. So I went and was surprised to find I liked it. I order everything plain because I hate mayo and only in Britain can you ever get butter on a sandwich. So I got the turkey ranch, swiss, plain and toasted on small, white roll and was pleasantly surprised to find out it was good. Made my abused tummy feel a lot better after the collywobbles attack. I was also glad that they had un-sullied ice tea. No icky fruit flavouring and no sweeteners of any kind, plain honest tea. Me likee and it was cheaper than the Panera down the street which was my original thought for lunch.

 The fact that they have bendy straws cracks me up. This is an adult lunch place, I think.

 I still wish I had gone to Whole Foods because I love that market even to just window shop. I hope, I get hired at this job (no call for an interview yet) so I can shop some place besides Target and the 99 cent store and Kroger brands. I noticed on their website that they are coming soon to South Glasgow and London. Go, if you have the chance when they open there, UK people. They have great stuff that is actually good for you and organic, gluten free, vegan if you like and free range and all of that including every cheese known to man.

 They also have the best damn cheese puffs made with cheddar and blue cheese. I think they are called cheese doodles on the right coast. West coast we call them cheese puffs and if I have to choose a junk food they are number one on my hit parade. Frito-lay’s for some reason burn the roof of my mouth now and I have no idea why. They never used to do that and I mean the normal ones not the one labeled flaming. Before I got laid off I made a scientific study of all the different kinds of cheese puffs at Whole Foods, I think there were 8 at the time. I think it ended up between Barbara’s and the Whole Foods brand.  If I ever win the lottery after I’ve paid the bills and everyone back and given to cancer and AIDS charities, bought new underwear, stashed a lot away and bought my wish list on Amazon, I’m going on a buying spree at the 2 story Whole Foods in Pasadena.  Then I’m going to go home and write while eating cheese puffs and then walking it off so I’m not any bigger, Lost too much weight to go back now.

I’m still on a high from our ritual and walk on Sunday. Happy, happy , happy and for some reason part of what made it good was that it was a stealth ritual in a public place. For some reason that part makes my little pirate heart happy. We were in plain sight and no one saw us. That is just very, very cool and even for a group of talented magical people hard to do sometimes. I love ‘no see me’ spells.

  This cracks me up:

All these senators up in arms and saying LA has no right to the space shuttle, yeah right. What part of it was made in Los Angeles do they not get? One of my old students designed the toilets and an ex of mine helped design the wings. Both at Boeing. Yeah, Los Angeles made a pale contribution to the program.