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Prayer from my coffee cup

Dear Our Lady Of Menopause
who suffers so nonchalantly in the flames,
keep me cool and coherent. Make me aware
of that long, coarse hair that grows magically in
the night so it may be plucked before horrifying
innocent bystanders or poking someone’s eye out.
Moist and Lovely Queen of Steam,
Guide me to all available remedies from soy to yams,
horses to roots, Feng Shui to aroma therapy
so that the world may be spared overheated eruptions
of ill temper and unregulated torrents of sweat.
Oh Divine Hot Mama, remind me to be grateful for
ice water, air conditioning, pharmaceuticals and chocolate.
And above all, thank you for freeing me to truly enjoy
a menopause moment of memory lapse;
forgetting how hot I may be and revealing
the hot flash fan dancer I truly am.

This weekend

I had the best time yesterday. I had my annual spring walk that I invite friends to and it was combined with our Companion ritual for Hazelwood Grove. This year I took them to Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden. All the plants there are California native plants and spring is the best time to go. You quickly realize why California’s state colours are gold and blue. California has more true blue flowers than anywhere I know. They sometimes photograph purple but they are blue and with the advent of digital photography usually look like what you see. Blue, Blue as all the varying skies of California. Some languages have many words for snow, California should have many words for the blues of its skies.

 It was beautiful after months of rain on weekends and Saturday was really cold and gloomy so I was afraid it might spoil our day but it didn’t. The only thing I was disappointed in was that their wildflower meadow at the entrance only had a very few flowers blooming. We’ve had so much rain this year it delayed it. Normally by now it is blooming with riotous abandon this year it was barely 4 inches high instead of an exuberant couple of feet tall. I was really afraid that would mean nothing was in bloom yet but as you can see from the pics I posted I was happily surprised.

 The air was full of beautiful colourful moths that I had never seen before. They were Black with blue on their lower wings. At least I think they were moths by their thick bodies and their fringed antenna but I can’t seem to identify them in any CA book or website.  I also was pleased to see one happy yucca moth bumbling along in the desert garden near the yucca. They are the only things besides bats that pollinate the yucca and both the bats and moths are endangered which makes the yucca endangered too. Lots of little skipper butterflies were out too.

 I first led everyone out to the center of the California Communities section which is way isolated and has a tiny sort of circular grove of live oaks for our ritual. Now we have 4 new grove members,  , Blk_goddess,  and Pat T. It was a lovely ritual priestessed by our Arch-Druidess, the Heiromum. We did ritual under the watchful eye of Mts Baldy and Baden Powell, both still covered in snow. If I had an doubts about how visible we were these were calmed when a gentleman walked by on the path and never once turned to see us. That is very unusual in a botanical garden where people’s heads tend to be on swivels. But he never turned to see us, not once and considering we were cawing like crows and one raven, pretty amazing. The lovely Tecia and handsome Alessandro joined us in ritual and on our day exploring.

I’m glad I took my cane as there are some very steep trails in places. I paid the price though because using the cane can really make my thoracic spine cranky and by the time we headed home I was having trouble breathing. Cim offered me the use of her inhaler but I found out when my doctor gave me one it doesn’t work. It makes you hyper and your lungs hurt because they can’t expand because your ribs muscles have spasmed and clamped down. If you ever see me yawning a lot, I’m not bored or sleepy, I can’t breathe. At that point the only thing I can do is try to relax my back or take a muscle-relaxant.

 I did that after I got home and took the Wellpoint claims test they sent me this weekend. I didn’t want a muzzy head before I took the test so I took it after. I must have done all right because I got an email this morning to fill out more employment forms. I was a little alarmed when I took the test because they asked you if you were over 40. I didn’t think they could ask that but I answered honestly. They find out sooner or later and I’d look bad for lying.

 Just took another 800 mg of ibuprofen because sitting in this chair at work even though it’s supposed to be ergonomic but that doesn’t stop the rigor mortis from setting in when you’ve been sitting awhile.



Another camp favourite

Here I stand, all alone upon a hill so high
Gazing at the sky as clouds drift by
And I hear a melody from my heart.

Leaves sing too, echoing my lovely melody
And my longing to be free to roam
In the sunlight of today and always

Where I choose, in the heather, by the restless sea
This is the magic song, my heart sets free
I’m in love with the world
I’m in love with the world.

Rain may fall all around me and the sky shows grey
Come again my melody to say, I will see the rainbow
Smiling at me.

Bright hues there, splendour painted on a arc of blue
And the warming sun beats through to say
Follow me to find the treasures of life.

All the way, yet another path another day
Filled with promise and my magic song
I’m in love with the world
I’m in love with the world
I’m in love with the world.

More Tolkien

Roads go ever ever on,
Over rock and under tree,
By caves where never sun has shone,
By streams that never find the sea;
Over snow by winter sown,
And through the merry flowers of June,
Over grass and over stone,
And under mountains in the moon.

Roads go ever ever on
Under cloud and under star,
Yet feet that wandering have gone
Turn at last to home afar.
Eyes that fire and sword have seen
And horror in the halls of stone
Look at last on meadows green
And trees and hills they long have known.

Version from the end of the Hobbit
JRR Tolkien