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I’ve been wondering what’s up with all the DDoS attacks LJ has been receiving lately. Signal boosting [info]ingridmatthews:

Just in case anyone thinks LJ’s downtime is just TPTB being incompetant, read this:

LiveJournal, Russia’s blogging platform of choice, is sustaining biggest cyberattack attack in its history. Bloggers say the Kremlin wants to crack down on political discussion.

“LiveJournal, Russia’s most popular blogging platform, has been under a massive DDoS attack for the past few days. The attack has effectively wiped out Russia’s main refuge for unbridled political discussion, a hugely lively and extensive domain frequented by politicians, opposition activists and social commentators alike…

“The reason for attack is more than clear in this case — someone wants LiveJournal to disappear as a platform,” Ilya Dronov, development director at SUP, wrote in a post on his LiveJournal blog earlier this week. He said the hackers were hoping to push bloggers from LJ to social networks where “it’s easier to fight individual users.””

ETA, One more link, ganked from [info]norwich36 about the importance of LJ to russian bloggers:

LiveJournal’s DDoS and Russian Politics

ETA, LJ Maintenance has released a map of the DDoS Botnet. And if you can’t get to the post by [info]lj_maintenance, the map is at:,-38.320312&sspn=151.943385,95.273437&ie=UTF8&ll=24.846565,-29.179687&spn=151.155869,95.273437

If your computer is on there, they ask that you consider cleaning out your computer. Actually, even if your computer isn’t on there, it’s still a good idea to make sure your computer is free of malware.

One for the money

One for the money, I’ll sing for a penny
Two for the show, any song that you know
Three to get ready, the wide world is waiting
And four to go, it’s been got to know you
And four to go we’ve a long way to go.

I have traveled all over this land
And there’s only one thing that I’ve found
When the wide world calls you must leave friends and all
Leaving a song behind for a time,
Leaving a song behind.

Some value riches and some value things
And some value women and wine
But a song and a friend at each turn of the bend
Are riches I’d rather were mine, any time
Are riches I’d rather were mine,

When I am gone may my song linger on
May its sound fall soft on your ears
May you all live in peace, may your friendship increase
And happiness grow through the years, my friend
And happiness grow through the years.

Good times are over but it’s not the end
Of friendships made truer by time
Your hearts will mend, you’ll come back again
For friendship is yours and mine, for all time
Friendship is yours and mine.

Camp songs are poems too

Friendship Is

Friendship is a shining thing
A steady beam of light
A lantern on a lonely street
A song far in the night.
A smile or a touch of a loving hand
An outpost on a hill
Oh! What a happy little child,
Bringing home a daffodil!

Friendship is a binding tie
Of one soul to another
A gentle soft relationship
As children to father and mother
Raindrops sparkling on an autumn leaf,
An outpost on a hill
And oh! What a happy little child
Bringing home a daffodil!

Friendship is a happy thought
A warmness in your heart
Friends are those who understand
And friends will never part.
For two people very much in love
In a life that’s never still
And oh! What a happy little child
Bringing home a daffodil!

Friendship is a fragile thing
Give it love and care.
Remember that it’s beautiful
When love two people share
Cling not too tightly to that word
But your life it can fulfill
And oh! What a happy little child
Bringing home a daffodil!

Friendship is a loving thing
It adds to life a glow
The feeling that the little fawn
Has for the doe.
Comfort in the time of need
The moon shining on the hill
And oh! What a happy little child
Bringing home a daffodil!

Friendship is a flowering thing
That grows throughout the years.
Nourished by our thoughtful deeds,
Our memories and our tears
It may be fragile at the start
And like a healthy, sturdy plant
It blooms our whole life long

Friendship feels so warm inside
It heals the broken soul
The road is rough but at the end
A love we both shall know.
So warm the sadness wrapped around your heart
And let friendship shine through
And remember love and the daffodil
And how they both once grew.