Archive | April 5, 2011

Don”t read past the notice if you don’t want to be throughly depressed.

Did you ever wonder why Saturday is the only day that doesn’t match? All the rest are Germanic/Scandahoovian. Tir’s day, Woden’s Day, Thor’s Day and Freya’s Day along with Sun Day and Moon Day, if the last 2 went with Saturn’s Day they would be Sol Day and Luna Day. So how the hell did Saturn get in the mix? I understand that the days are supposed to be planetary but if you are going to name the rest after Northern European gods then they should have had Hel Day or stuck with the original northern name which is Laurdag or Bath Day for their weekly bath.

I have to say that CIGNA is one of the worst places I have ever temped. We are ignored, left out, treated as if we were furniture and not very bright. The regulars constantly whisper around us or disappear with no word of where they are going and as individuals some of them are very petty. One woman complained that as a group we are too loud and she makes more noise than the four of us put together. Another said something funny and then got on me for laughing too loud. It was no louder than anyone else but according to my one friend among them, she likes the illusion of power and doesn’t think she controls me enough???? And that’s outside of the fact that they are not paying a living wage to people they insisted have a college degree. Not to mention they keep changing the rules of what we’re doing. They suck pretty much.

Thinking good thoughts for our sister-in-law who starts her last round of chemo today! Yay! Her last round in hell! Then she gets radiation which isn’t near as bad as chemo. Go! Beth!

Don’t read further if you don’t want to get depressed.

Time for a pity party. I expect tomorrow the gas goes off. Believe it or not I make too much money barely to qualify for assistance on the gas bill. $13.00 an hour and I make too much because last year I was at $18.00 an hour. IF Office Team offers you a job don’t take it. They told me I would be making more at the job I’m at now. It was supposed to be a 3 week job for at least $15.00 an hour, the morning the job started they called me up and said oops it’s $13.00 and if you complain we’ll tell EDD and you should be glad we got you anything. The guy is an asshole who did this and CIGNA is cheap. They could pay more and they don’t.

$13.00 is not a living wage. We pay the rent, my car insurance, car gas, my meds, my pay as you go cell and cat food. Last week I had $11.00 for food. I’m sick of being poor and having no health insurance or dental. The only good part is the weight loss. My one dimple is starting to show again.

The gas company sent the shut off notice and we got it today and said it had to be paid before today. Oh well, tomorrow I pay what’s left of last month’s rent and par of this month and what really terrifies me is that this temp job is ending soon. I was talked into this in the first place because they might hire one of us. Yeah, right CIGNA hasn’t hired any body but nurses since I’ve been there.

All I want is a job that pays the bills and for food and it would be nice to buy some new underwear. Thanks for listening to the pity party if you got this far. I’m getting really depressed and then really up about the book. Amazon waits over 60 days to pay royalties and cuts off at the 15th of the month. So at the end of May and June I will have some money but nothing before. I’m so tired of this. Obama has done nothing for any one unemployed over 50 years old. Not voting for him if I can’t get a job.