Archive | October 2006

Flu Shot

I just got my Flu Shot. Yay! working for a Healthcare Insurance Company that gives them for free. This time they had some big warning about sulfites but I’ve had the shots tons of times and I don’t remember that warning before. I get migraines from sulfites and I’m allergic to sulfa drugs so we could be having a fun evening. If so I’ll lay on the couch and watch “Ugly Betty” and swan around. But for right now my arm is really hurting. What a wuss!

Better Living thru chemistry.

 says that if I go on Sunday I have to take pictures of the puffins for her. I think this is a terrible price of admission. :::Cough::: like I wouldn’t do that for her. Nothing on the Aquarium says if you can take a tripod in or not. I hope so.  I think its funny though that they have a fish restaurant in the Aquarium. Isn’t that a little perverse. It should be a chicken place and not chicken of the sea either, you gaias.

Ali just called to tell me that the tuba player who played the JAWS theme died. Wonder if they’ll do a tribute to him at the Aquarium this weekend?