I remember my beloved dead.

2006 list

Cameron Alexander Robb
Jessie Alexandra Cumming Sjoberg
Carl Edward Sjoberg
Laurence Campbell Robb
Winn Weickard
Della Sjoberg Weickard
Robert Sjoberg
Hazel Sjoberg
Hattie Sjoberg Drummond
George Sjoberg
Donald Edward Sjoberg
Arthur Joseph Garcia
Scott Cunningham
Jeannette McDonald
Jim O’Neal
James Ferguson
Steven Burkhardt
Ethel May Baldwin
All the people from the AIDS Service Center in Pasadena who are gone now.
All the guys I came out with at PCC GLSU who are gone now. Too, too many.


I remember you all and I hope you went to the afterlife you expected whether heaven, the Summerlands, the Elysian Fields or wherever.