My Desk

Okay, fool, do NOT come to my desk at work and make fun of the toys and stand there with a disapproving tone and ask me do to something you can’t figure out how to do? Grrr! I needed to vent that. Yes, I have toys on my desk. I prefer not to look at 3 grey walls and I can’t think creatively without visual stimulation.

At the Girl Scouts my boss cleaned my desk and then wondered why I couldn’t write a program and design the patches until I got stuff back on the desk.

I also have 5 calendars with different art and some other mounted art work and a fountain and guess what? I’m the troubleshooter that fixes things when they don’t work for a reason.

Don’t make fun of the toys if you want me to fix the mess you made by not thinking! Harumph!

Because the mental furniture of my mind is not far off from how I populate my desk. It’s cluttered, messy and colourful and has lots of things going on. If you want a dull, grey,uncluttered mind go somewhere else!