Satyrsday we made another assault on Sperling’s Nursery. If you live in the L.A. area and you are a gardener this is a lovely nursery up in the oaks of Calabasas. I spent way too much money but I’m happy.

is happy because she came home with a pair of gnomes. One of which is our first female gnome. Hope she’s going to be okay. I got a another bunny and an ergonomic pair of bypass pruners because my professional pair sometimes kills my poor arthritic hands. I already have a great ergonomic trowel. We also got more dafs and narcissus bulbs and some primroses (2 kinds), cyclamen, salvia microphylla “Hot Lips”, some white polka dot plants and some I can’t remember now. Enough plants to fill a flat anyway plus the 1 gallon cans. Also planted the left overs from the last assault like the dianthus, pansy and the toadflax.

I had the best time playing in the garden, arranging things to my satisfaction and bugging Ali to come look. Watered everything and let it breathe. And just sat there on the bench we have.

The feeling in the garden has changed. It feels happy again. After Cam died and all we did was prune things and sweep I think it felt neglected. But in the last 2 weeks it has changed how it feels and it’s nice and like it’s glad to see me.