The Samhain Dances

For some unknown reason the holiday of Samhain is a dancing holiday to me. But not just dancing to dance, dancing to express in movement what I can’t in words. So I give you the Samhain Dances playlist.

1. 25 Years – Blackmore’s Night
2. The Mummer’s Dance – Loreena McKennitt
3. Just Call My Name – Blackmore’s Night
4. The Rede ( An It Harm None) – Gaia Consort
5. Samhain – Heather Alexander
6. Morrigan’s Quest Laura Powers
7. Village Lantern – Blackmore’e Night
8. Samhain Madrigal – Laura Powers
9. The Masts of Morrigan – Maddie Prior
10. Faerie Queen – Blackmore’s Night
11. Samhain Chant – Moonstruck
12. I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore – Blackmore’s Night
13. All Soul’s Night – Loreena McKennitt
14. World of Stone – Blackmore’s Night
15. The Circle is Cast – On The Wing’s of Song
16. Samhain – Steeleye Span

And yes, I’m currently obsessed with the group Blackmore’s night which is really Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple fame and his wife Candace Night. If you like Loreena McKennit and her album “The Visit”, you will love them, especially the album “Village Lantern”. “25 Years” is about a nightmare and “I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore” is about a ghost. But “25 Years” will make you dance in your seat in the car.

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