Archive | October 19, 2006

Scary visits

This was the doctor that scares me most. So I’ve had my Hallows scare. What doctor would that be? The Dermatologist. The doctor with my family history most likely to tell me the C word. Everybody gets it in this family. My poor grandpa had the tips of his ears and great patches of his bald head removed. Everybody else except Ali but including Cam has had at least pre-cancerous stuff taken off so I always go in at high alert.

He said everything was fine and that for a redhead I had very few spots comparatively. You can still do a fine connect the dots but not as much as my friend Suzy who was one big freckle.

Vanity moment here: he said I looked at least 10 years younger than my age and complemented me on my lack of wrinkles except for the ones from squinting. Whooohoooo! A girl has some pride. He liked that for the amount of sun exposure I’ve had there is very little damage. Since I worked from age 16 to in my 30’s at high altitude every summer that’s not so bad.

But they always have to play with the big thing on my head. This time he said If I ever wanted removed it would be major surgery in the hospital. No thank you all my hair grows out of that patch and while I love Cam I really don’t want to look like him and I can’t grow a ‘stache. Although the beard sometimes seems possible. Gotta love menopause and the errant hair hunt. Is there pixie that sits planting hairs in impossible places while we sleep? I was always fascinated by Grandpa’s and Uncle Winn’s ear hair. But I can do without thank you very much.

So I’m much relieved. Phewww!