Archive | October 17, 2006

Oops, I did it again.

I unintentionally messed with my boss’s head. I’m wearing a necklace with sterling silver roses that I made and I put my favourite rose lotion on right before a meeting. she kind of was wigging out til she asked if I was wearing rose scented anything. :;;;;Giggle::::

A giggle I needed after coming yesteday morning and finding IT wanted me to test a system I didn’t have access to and that they had bypassed my boss to get to me to do. She hit the roof. They aren’t supposed to go to us directly for their tests. They won’t do that again. And I was supposed to start this test at 8 am then it was 11:30 then it was 1pm. I finally got access at 3pm and finished testing just in time to go home.

Today my Lotus notes has crashed 4 times and once it deleted every piece of mail I’d gotten since 8/1. I had to go the trash and individually restore it. Arrghhh!


More weird Dreamage

I didn’t dream much after Cam died. I have no idea whether it was grief or it also may have been too high a pain level to really sleep or a combination of both. But since I go the nerve pain prescription and the headaches went away I dream every night. I’m not a paralyzed dreamer. I move around… a lot. And I’m usually remembering the last one before I wake up.

Last night I was dreaming a levitated off the bed every time I did certain coding in LJ which is what I get for changing stuff on my style before bed. Now if I could just remember what the coding was…

The other thing about not dreaming is that my ears are pretty pointed hence the reason my Haedery sisters named me ElfKat but when I wasn’t dreaming I would wake up in the morning and my ears were rounder. But I have been noticing since I have been dreaming when I wake up they’re back to being pointed. So maybe I need to dream to connect with who I am and to be mended. Now there is a bit of woowoo for you.

I should probably tell my sister I may start walking in my sleep and other weird things I have done when I dream like sing and wake up in strange places. I know I’m more creative. The Stories started coming almost immediately after I started taking the meds. Better living through chemistry.