Archive | October 16, 2006

Weird dream

I keep having this recurring dream and it’s a weird one and I’m wondering if it’s trying to tell me I need another endoscopy. ICK! I keep dreaming a spider is building a web and closing the back of my throat and esophagus and that I have to go in every morning and break the web. I’m wondering if I’m getting a lot of scar tissue in my throat again from the stomach acid. Gross. Otherwise I have no clue why I keep dreaming it.

I was so active dreaming it Saturday night I took the bottom fitted sheet off half the bed.


I put some more fairy lights up in the trees and did some minor gardening before heading off to workshop. I’ve known some of these women over 20 years and some times S will be on her best behaviour but not yesterday. S is someone who doesn’t necessarily like to discuss things. She likes to pontificate a bit and have all of of agree. I don’t think that way and she was getting her panties in a bunch yesterday. Sometimes I like to poke her to get her to react. Yesterday it was just pissing me off. Especially when she puts her hand over her eyes and becomes a big sulking lump.

The person whose idea to do this workshop didn’t show up and that didn’t help because what she wanted to discuss was actually the media’s representation of witches and and the perception of witches via the construct of Oz. Not sure that was what was discussed but I kept trying to get it there and it wasn’t going. Oh well!

Otherwise I had a lovely time talking to everyone else. Hi Cim! Thanks for the Cd. I was hoping to listen to it this am but I keep getting pulled into meetings. I’m waiting for one now. Sigh!

Magdalen Samhain

Greetings lovers of the Magdalen, her Mysteries and Rites:

Please join me on November 5 at 5PM for the Magdalen Hallowmas
Where: Wylder Hall of UUCLB
Bring: Hearts, hands, and light pre-dinner foods
Who is Waiting? The Ancient One, Shamana
“She Waits” the powerful meditation text of Rosamonde Miller
with the body artistry of Anniitra Ravenmoon and the sound artistry
of Miranda Rondeau.
“She Waits” illumined by the Full Moon of Samhain-tide
reaching to the dark and the depths…”She Waits” in the cave of Deep
Time, in the deepest recesses of soul and World Soul
She waits for our hearts, our extension of love, our vision.
She waits for us.
Questions and RSVP to Catherine at or
call 323.982.9662.
Please pass the word to circles and lists and tribes. She waits for
all of us; men are welcome.
Blessing and Blessed Be!!


We had a great time on Saturday. The weather was perfect once we hit Ventura County. It drizzled and spat most of the way up the 101. This time they had 2 full barns of vendors and very weirdly, no grocers, so Mary, no Bisto, sorry. Ali was bummed that no one had Malteasers but a clothing booth was selling IrnBru, ick, (Who drinks that stuff??) and some candy so I got my Smarties. Was pleased that one of our favourite No Cal people were there. I bought 2 of their pieces and once I told Ali they were there she had to go too. Love their stuff. Got another outfit from the lady that had the celtic knot outfits in royal blue. So I got my shopping done. I’m happy.

The food booths were sparse and I could have skipped the turkey corn dog that wasn’t cooked all the way. I was avoiding the fish and chips and the haggis booth. I always get sick when I go to the f & c booths at the Games and I’m allergic to haggis. I think somewhere along the line my genes decided enough was enough and said no more oats.

Watched the sheep dog demonstrations on how the dogs are trained and the different breeds used. I was interested in the way the different breeds run. A Shetland sheepdog runs with a high hind quarter and the Border collie runs flat out and even and very low to the ground. They had a 7 week old Border collie named Lucky out for his first time to show how much was instinct and how much was training and he was so eager and annoyed the older dog that was mentoring him no end. It was very cute. They are surely not apartment dogs and most definitely working dogs.

They had to use the Fairgrounds as a staging area and a place for people to bring their animals during the fires so they couldn’t use the arena for the Massed Bands and the Opening ceremonies. So we had to stand for the whole thing in this little bitty area, not good. I really can’t stand for that long anymore.

I’m not sure Ali’s friends were as fond of bagpipes as Alison and I are. Beth is one of Alison’s bike team friends and one of the one’s who talked her into the AIDS ride in June.

The ocean was so pretty and the temp was just right. I had to buy a t-shirt and go change in the car because I believed the WC and wore a turtleneck and wool sweater (jumper) with my kilt and was boiling in my own juices.

But we had a good time.