Space Weather Alert

COMET SWAN: Last week you had to wake up at dawn for a good look at Comet Swan
(C/2006 M4). This week the comet is moving into the evening sky. It’s
particularly easy to find after sunset on Oct. 13th and 14th. On those two
nights, the handle of the Big Dipper curves toward the comet, guiding you right
to it. Although Swan is too dim for the unaided eye, it is a good target for
backyard telescopes. Seen through the eyepiece, the comet’s head glows a pretty
shade of emerald green. Why green? Visit for the

AURORA WATCH: (Oct 13 at 1800 UT) Earth is entering a solar wind stream that
could spark a mild geomagnetic storm tonight. Sky watchers in Alaska, Canada
and Scandinavia should be alert for auroras.