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Books this week

The first two were okay cozy mysteries but I’m having a lot of fun with the Kim Harrison book. Just ordered the next one from Amazon. I like the way it moves and it’s sense of humour.

Happy National Coming Out Day!

I find it very ironic that we are going through all this on National Coming Out Day.

Happy National Coming Out Day everyone!

I came out by the oops method.

I was out to everybody but my parents for a lot of years. They knew about Cam and had a cow for awhile so I laid low but one day Mom kept harranguing on the subject of “when you get married”. About the fourth re-iteration I lost it and said, “I’m not getting married,”. Storms, screaming, tears, wails of “You are just like your brother and I’ll never get any grandchildren”. I was informed I would never inherit any family things because what good was I if I didn’t have anyone to leave them to. It was ugly. Still never figured out how my coming out was about her not me. There was a conspiracy, I was ordered not to tell my dad or sister. (she figured out all on her own).

Several years later she was angry at dad and outed Cam and I to him and blamed our being gay on his insensitivity. Rather strange as he was always the more sensitive one by a long shot.

Cam and I came out to each other the same day. All my friends kept telling me he was queer and I kept saying no, and they kept saying ask him. One day he came over and asked me to go shoe shopping on a Sunday at the Broadway with him. We got in his rattletrap Datsun B210 that you could see the ground in. I asked him point blank if he was gay and he said “Are you?”. I answered “what do you think?”. He said we aren’t going to the Broadway then. So he took me to the grand opening of a Different Light Bookstore in Silverlake. He then told me all his friends were telling him I was gay and he was saying no, I wasn’t. We laughed a long time on that. We ran through the Broadway shoe dept as it was closing so I wouldn’t have to lie to Mom. That is a really good and fun memory of being with Cam for me.

Then my sister came out to me in a particularly evil way. My sister wanted to do the Gay Pride Run/Walk before Pride when Lucy Lawless was the Honorary Chair. So I signed us up. For years my friends were telling me Ali had better dyke credentials than I did. She as short hair, She played softball and golf. Never wears a dress, etc ,etc,. Everytime I asked her she said she was straight. So Mom called the night before all hysterical did that mean Alison was gay and I said no.

The next morning we were walking to the Design Center and she pops out with “You were wrong last night”. okay WHAT??? “What do you mean?”
“You were wrong”
“About What?”
” I am.”
I’m Gay.” !!!!!?????!!!!!
“Nice of you to tell me now?”
“well, you needed to know”

I think she felt the need to tell me since I was about to meet her very dykey friends and the cat would have been out of the bag and running.
So my mom and dad went 3 for 3.

Further travails

The friend I enlisted in upper level management went ballistic and this very erudite person was just sputtering he was so angry. He went to the HRC website and our company has a 93% rating and the contact listed? My friend of the evil e-mails. Oh yeah that makes planty of sense.