Archive | October 9, 2006

Of course because one of our friends is feasting for Ramadan we had to have a discussion about foods we miss that are no longer around.

Bring back Sunshine Lemon Coolers and Nabisco Bacon Thins! I’m not the only one.
I, personally, wouldn’t mind if someone brought back Betty Crockers’ Noodles Romanoff.


I forgot how much I love to get my hands in dirt. I spent most of yesterday planting and cleaning up the garden. I felt so much peace afterwards. Calmed everything down and narrowed it to what I was doing right in front of me. I forgot how good that felt. Ali had planted 25 Dutch Iris bulbs the Saturday after we came home. She is the dig the hole as quick as possible type gardener. She was gone with her friends on a bike ride and came home signed up for AIDS Lifecycle at Valley Gay Pride which just happens to be on my birthday, grumble, as noble as it is. She is my only sibling and I’ll be alone on my birthday.

Anyway, planted 12 daffodils of various species. 19 violas, 9 snapdragons. Still have to find a place for the cyclamen, calibrichoa and a pansy. May go to the nursery for more at lunch. No pictures for a few weeks since it’s best to buy bedding plants when they have no or few blooms for the best results. So you are just going to have to wait.

Now I want a nap since I was having interrupted sleep all night. Loud middle – eastern men, low – flying police helicopters, some animal rumaging around on the balcony and scaring the cat and weird ass dreams of which I can remember only 2. Cim_halfling was in the one I can’t remember but the other 2? One, I gave birth to a neon pumpkin sign and the next, a real pumpkin. I have no idea what that meant other than my bladder was full. Need to make mimis