Archive | October 6, 2006

Note to self: Do not go the Opening Day of any store like Target especially when they are opening the mall that day too. Bangs head on desk repeatedly….

But I did get some cool Hallows decorations for work.

I go to Target every pay day to get stuff for the house like cleaning supplies and paper towels and things. I should have gone to the one on DeSoto like I usually do but I went to the new one that is about a mile? from it in the re-done Topanga Mall. Mind you there is another one about 2 miles from there in the Fallbrook Mall and one about 6 miles away on Sepulveda.

They don’t have enough cashiers yet either and the parking isn’t marked well so I ended up walking around the entire building before I actually got to the entrance.

Tomorrow Ali and I are going to make an assault on Sperling’s Nursery which we adore. I have to spend my Christmas gift certificate on spring bulbs. We have been sadly neglecting of the garden this year. Its almost empty and before Cam died we always had lots of beautiful things blooming.