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Adventures in Dentistry

I do love the demented sense of humour that the people on my friends/fiends list have. Another morning of terror at the dentist I needed a giggle.

Now I need a tooth pulled. Oh, I can’t wait. NOT! Mind you I have no cavities. I never get cavities. Holes in my head, yes, cavities no! But in the 70’s a small child bumped a metal flashlight in my mouth when I was taking a splinter out of her in the tent at night.
Now I have a snaggle tooth that likes to perforate things like my tongue and the roof of my mouth. One dentist wants it out because it makes the other front teeth hard to clean. When it gets pulled I’ll probably lisp until I learn to talk around the stupid thing. The good news this am was that all the infection was gone from my gums. WhooHoo that new Oral B pulsar works!


Next Open Comma Workshop

October 15, Sunday 3pm-5pm: “Wicked: Portrayals of Witches Misunderstood” Workshop- Pasadena

Inspired by the book, “Wicked” — which we hope you will read before this workshop — we discuss the misunderstood women/witches of fact and fiction.
As the wheel of the year turns to winter, COMMA turns to solitude and private activities. This is the last open event for 2006.

Beginner or experienced, curious or serious, you are welcome to join us for these open events. Call us to let us know you plan on attending, and we’ll tell you where to find us and fill you in on event details. Dress comfortably and practically for the workshops/discussions. Bring a little bit of something you like to eat or drink to share with the rest of us. If you make reservations and are unable to attend, please let us know. And most importantly, arrive on time.
Mothers of young children: If your child is very quiet and well behaved and will not distract you or us, you are welcome to bring her or him to the workshops.
Young women under 18: Please have your parent’s permission to attend our events (we’ll even consider meeting or talking with your parents ahead of time so they know who you’re hanging out with…).
We do not charge any money to share our thoughts and skills with you. There is no charge for these events.


elfkat’s Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level: 7
Average number of words per sentence: 14.19
Average number of syllables per word: 1.45
Total words in sample: 2271
Analyze your journal! Username:
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memage- snagged from cim_halfling

Hey! No Fair I had to go as myself or hmmmm, maybe that’s scary enough.

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
elfkat goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as elfkat.
bansagart gives you 15 red-orange mint-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
blkgoddess gives you 19 brown root beer-flavoured gummy worms.
caersidi gives you 11 light orange coconut-flavoured gummy bats.
cim_halfling tricks you! You get a scratched CD.
clamproir_mary tricks you! You get a toothbrush.
elorie tricks you! You lose 2 pieces of candy!
estaratshirai gives you 19 green banana-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
mrdreamjeans gives you 11 dark blue cinnamon-flavoured jawbreakers.
mt_yvr gives you 10 mauve blueberry-flavoured jawbreakers.
roguewench tricks you! You get a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
elfkat ends up with 83 pieces of candy, a scratched CD, a toothbrush, and a 3.5-inch floppy disc.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.