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October Holidays

+————– Bizarre Holidays in October —————+

October 2 is Name Your Car Day

October 3 is Virus Appreciation Day

October 8 is American Tag Day

October 11 is It’s My Party Day

October 12 is International Moment Of Frustration Scream Day

October 14 is Be Bald and Free Day and National Dessert Day

October 18 is No Beard Day

October 23 is National Mole Day

October 25 is Punk For A Day Day

October 31 is National Magic Day and Increase Your Pyschic
Powers Day

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Deep Time Ritual

Sunday was a lovely quiet RAINY day. Something rare and beautiful after the long hot summer here. It smelled so wonderfully clean. For once the neighborhood was quiet because Yom Kippur had started so it was a nice day to process ritual and let my back decide it was still part of my body after abusing it in the car Saturday.

Still thinking about whether the Deep Time Ritual did anything for me. I don’t really think so. It didn’t touch my heart which made me rather sad. I don’t really need a ritual to remind me to live in the present and that every ending is a beginning and every beginning is an end. For the last year of living in a grieving state it’s the only place I can live. Minute by minute. hour by hour, day by day, I suppose it’s why I sometimes forget to do things. And I haven’t updated my Daytimer since last December. I have the pages I just haven’t ever put them in the book. I’m lucky if I know and remember what I’m doing next weekend.

The goddesses invoked aren’t the ones that butt in my life on a regular basis. Maybe if Hekate had been the future or deep time goddess. Nepthys doesn’t call me in that way. Bast should have been present not Isis, LOL, nothing is more about the present than a cat.

I was also missing Joanne not being the ritual. She can bring me into ritual as not very many people can. But I send her healing love.

Maybe it was because it was a public ritual. Their dynamics can be so strange and we had so many guests it makes it hard for me to be open. Lady Olvia and an Arch Priest from Japan were our guests and all the people who came to meet Lady Olivia that don’t normally come to our rituals change the energy. Plus some people who have hurt me so badly before came which kind of blows the “perfect love and perfect trust” thing.

I did enjoy the party afterward though even if it took me to the end of my strength for the moment. Lots of nice chatting and sharing.

I was most amused at the people paying homage to BunniHoTep. I brought her and sat her in a chair of her own for ritual. Lady Olivia came over and had a nice chat with her. As did most of the BunniHoTep Priestesses but that was expected. Tickled me no end.

I was going to go to the brunch at the Queen Mary but I can’t do that kind of thing 2 days in a row any more.

Happiness Runs

Happiness Runs
Hopefully a painless meme. Please take the criteria and post it on your own blog if you wish. No tagging, just if you want to do it.

Please list 5, or more simple things that gave you happiness or even joy in Autumn as a child and by child I mean under 18 years old.

For me it was:
1. New School Supplies
2. Raking and then jumping in the leaves
3. New School clothes
4. Swinging in the backyard with the leaves falling
5. Trick or treating in costumes you used to spend days making with friends and then filling a pillowcase with candy, going miles and miles with no supervision

Name 5 simple things that gave or give you joy from age 18 to 49

1. Fall Rituals
2. The smell of fall
3. Raking and then jumping in the leaves
4. Planting bulbs and fall plants in my garden
5. Ali and my annual trip to Disneyland Nov. 1st

If you are over 50, name simple things that make you happy now:

1. Watching the moon in fall
2. Planting bulbs and fall plants in my garden
3. Ali and my annual trip to Disneyland Nov. 1st
4. Fall Rituals
5. The smell of fall
6. Connecting with old friends for chats

How many things are on all three lists? How has time changed what makes you happy? Next challenge, do one from each list if you can. Be Happy!