Archive | August 28, 2006

BunniHoTep heirogyphics

I’ve been working on the BunniHoTep stories to upload into a PDF so I can sell them at the BunniHoTep shop on Cafe press but Word is driving me insane. Word won’t put in a break so it will stop numbering the title page. Rassafrassassss….

Need to get the ISBN numbers too. Arghhh!

Moral dilemna

What would you do?

I was shopping in Target on Friday and was in the Toy Section because I always have to see if the Halloween Barbies are in or if there are any new action figures that need to come home with me when I notice an old man. By old I mean he looked to be in at least his late 70’s. Stocky with those nasty wrap around sunglasses that are so dark you can’t see their eyes and a messy clothes (flannel shirt, t-shirt and jeans). His gaze appears to be directed at me and he just stared. He was giving me the willies and then in my journey around the department he appeared to be staring at the kids not the toys which was really giving me the willies but all the kids there were accompanied by adults.

He had no shopping cart and no one with him and to me he had a real pervert vibe. Just made me feel icky or dirty. Should I have told management when I had no proof he was doing anything wrong other than making me feel icky? ‘Cause I have to admit my creep detector is always set on high due to my own past experience with nasty men when I was small.

What would you do?

Today’s Playlist

1. Jack Sparrow – Hans Zimmer
2. Concerning Hobbits – Howard Shore
3. Raiders of the Lost Ark – John Williams
4. Lumos! ( Hedwifg’s Theme) – John Williams
5. Main Titles – Superman – John Ottman
6. Theme for Star Trek: The TV Series
7. The Throne Room – Star Wars: The New Hope – John Williams
8. Believe – Polar Express – Josh Groban
9. Star Wars and the Revenge of the Sith – John Williams
10. The Closing of the Year – Toys – Cast – Hans Zimmer
11. He’s a Pirate – Klaus Baudelt
12. Star Trek Main Theme – Next Gen
13. Over the Rainbow – Judy Garland – Harold Arlen
14. Theme from Star Trek DS9
15. Overture from Seaquest – John Debney
16. Prelude from 2001: Alex North, oh please he stole it from Strauss
17. Stargate SG-1 Main Title – Neil Norman
18. Theme from Jurassic Park – John Williams
19. Prologue – Hook – John Williams
20. Entering the Stargate – Neil Norman
21. Flying Theme from ET – John Williams

Owwwww and book of the day

I spent most of the weekend flat on my back because its out. Glad I already have an appointment with my new neurologist on Tuesday. Late Friday night/Saturday morning I was hurting so bad I almost woke Alison up to take me to Urgent Care. This was not helped by all the idiots who feel the need to continue their parties in the street after they have gotten home from the bars or wherever they have been.

If you live on a street with all apartments do you think other people just might be trying to sleep in the apartments that front on the street?

So yesterday I finished the Stargate smart pop book.

I enjoyed it quite a bit but the physics articles made my brains stop cold for a bit. the date worthiness of the characters and the fashion article were very amusing.

My sister took pity on me and brought downstairs season 1 of Stargate on DVD and I had myself a mini-marathon. I only got through the first 8 episodes. But I did manage to get the garden watered and a few drawings of mini BunniHoTeps drawn.