Archive | August 20, 2006

Meditation on sibling birth order

This morning at 6am which is now still pretty dark at that time of morning Ali woke me up because the security gate next to the front door wasn’t locked. There was a falling down drunk man reaching over the cinder block fence and banging the gate so she wanted me to go down and lock it. ?????WTF?

So being not quite awake I did it. I got downstairs with her behind me, mind you and went and locked the gate. Said drunk man is nowhere in sight so Ali is convinced he has climbed the wall and gone down the walkway and I need to go find him. Again not quite awake I put my flip flops on and grab the keys and decide I need to do this from the driveway side which also has a security gate which is also unlocked. I go down the driveway, nothing, I look around the cars. Nothing. I head down the walkway and look in number 2’s little enclosure. Nothing. So I come back around the front and there is a man tottering down the street rather precariously and Ali is waving at me that that was him. Where was he? Passed out against other side of the fence.

Was I ever smart enough to think why the heck I was on this mission for? No I’m still asleep, dead woman walking. But now that I’m up I have to use the bathroom since I have now started to come to my senses and fight or flight is taking hold and Ali comes to talk to me outside. My question to her was “Why Me? Why couldn’t you have done it? Answer: “You’re older”. My reply you’re over 40years old!” and she went off to bed.

And I was left with the realization that no matter how old you get the oldest sibling will always be the dragon slayer, the knight on the white horse and one that comes to the rescue.