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I told you I was being lazy

Why the Nile rises a BunniHoTep tale

Once upon a time when Horus was small and Isis was at her wit’s end, BunniHoTep came to the rescue.

One night when a rare storm was battering the great temples Horus was crying.

Horus was cutting his first tooth. Isis was very, very tired and frustrated. Hathor had come by and was walking the floor with the tiny god who was wailing so loud he had brought the storm to the Nile.

Bastet had come by with her latest litter of kittens and not even their playing would distract the tiny godling. He cried and cried and the Nile rose higher and higher.

BunniHoTep was napping in her cozy den while the Nile crept higher. She awoke because she could her the sound of the water lapping at her front door. So she hopped out the back door to see what was causing all the fuss.

She heard the terribly inconsolable baby and decided to help the tiny god.

Horus was wailing in his small cradle and Isis and Hathor were taking turns rocking him.

BunniHoTep hopped up and asked if she could help the tiny god. Isis replied that she could try. They’d tried everything else; why not let the small rabbit goddess have a chance at it.

BunniHoTep hopped into the cradle and wrapped herself around Horus’s neck and hummed. The heat from her little body soothed the baby and one of her ears became a teething toy. And Horus stopped crying and fell asleep with BunniHoTep wrapped around his neck.

And that is why the Nile rises and why the Nile falls every year and why there is a velveteen rabbit for every child somewhere that is real.

Went to the dentist again today for the other half of my mouth’s deep cleaning. He took forever trying to numb my mouth and the poor guy still had to do it twice more. He says my nerves are in weird places. And I have to go back and do it all again in a month because of how bad some of the infection was and I may have to get a tooth pulled. I’m sooo excited. NOT!

He had a bet with the hygenist that I wouldn’t show. He lost.

Still, Glad I have no cavities.

But I looked like a stroke victim for a while. The right side of my mouth was drooping and I was drooling. Having your nose be numb is really strange feeling. Oh Weel, It’s done for a bit.