Archive | August 11, 2006

Friday Musings

Why would you name your kid after a plane part? I heard a mom yelling for her kid in Target, Aeleron! Wait till he figures it out.

The woman at work behind me didn’t know the “American Pie” was a song long before it was a movie. I feel old.

No mention on the news about why we had helicopters up the street and sirens for several hours last night but Ali said there were car parts all over this morning. So it was either the fool street racers or someone hit the Orange Line busway again.

A huge tree fell sometime last night 2 doors down and we didn’t hear it. Does that answer the age old question?

An hour and a fresh paycheck is a dangerous thing to let loose in Target.

Loved all the people in the sundries aisles trying to figure out what and how to pack.

More Camp Music

Some more songs we sang at camp. You have to remember that if you work at camp you are there for 10-12 weeks generally and Girl Scout camps have a lot of singing. (We also get bored easy) We sang at Flag Salute. We sang at dishes. We sang after every meal. We sang at Campfire and at Scout’s Own. We sang to distract the kids when we needed to during thunderstorms or waiting to hear if we needed to evacuate. We sang at bedtime. And we sang to learn new songs and on our beds because there was no TV and unless you can get time alone in the lodge it’s difficult to read with no electricity. We sing because we love it and everyone sings not just the ones who were good at it. We sang because we loved it and it was fun. So it is no wonder that most of my memories of camp involve the sound of children and women’s voices.

The Current Camp Song Playlist:

1. Lavendar Blue – Burl Ives
2. Mr Tambourine Man – The Byrds
3. If I Had Wings – P, P & M
4. Take Me Home Country Roads – JD
5. Marvelous Toy _ Chad Mitchell Trio
6. The Gypsy Rover – The Seekers
7. Waterfall – Cris Williamson
8. Abraham, Martin and John – Dion
9. Catch Another Butterfly – JD
10. Jamaica Farewell _ Harry Belafonte
11. All God’s Critters – John McCutcheon
12. Turn Around – Kenny Loggins
13. The Lion Sleeps Tonight – The Kingston Trio
14. Ho Young Rider – Libana
15. A Place in the Choir – The Limeliters
16. The Eagle and the Hawk – JD
17. Tender Shepherd – John McCutcheon
18. If I Had a Hammer – Glenn Yarborough & The Limeliters
19. Edleweiss – Sound of Music ( must be down with the hand play)
20. (You Done Stomped) On my Heart – JD
21. El Condor Pasa – S&G
22. Baby, the Rain Must Fall – Glenn Yarborough & The Limeliters
23. Simple Gifts – A Circle of Women
24. The Water is Wide – The Seekers
25. Glad to Have a Friend Like You – Free to Be You and Me
26. Waltzing with Bears – The Uncle Brothers