Archive | August 9, 2006

Family stuff

We Sjobergs can never do things the easy way when it comes to medical stuff and I guess my cousin Jon is no exception. He had robotic surgery for prostate cancer yesterday and ended up having to receive 2 pints of blood. Since it appears he has more blood flow than normal to the region in question which caused a problem. Does this mean he’s a quart low?

I wish him all the healing he can use or need or want. Lots of hugs and love are headed his way from his cuzes.We love you Jon and Carol even when you don;t answer your e-mail.

I got a bunch of referrals this morning. One to the neurologist for the migraines. One to the dermatologist which is always so much fun for a mole check. Nothing like having very fair red-headed skin. Dermatologists always ask what I do to my skin to not look my age. They never believe me when I say Dove soap, a wash cloth and good genes. They don’t like it when I say portrait in the attic either. Just can’t make ’em happy. Because I don’t do anything, it is what it is. I have no great mystical skin regimen. I wash it and if I remember I slap some Lubridrem on. The Queer Eye guys would be appalled.

And I have to have new orthotics made, WhooooHooo, another $250 bites the dust.