Yesterday was the first day it was below 100 degrees after 21 days above. It’s really sad when you think it’s cool because it’s only 97 degrees. That’s just wrong.

Right now I just wish it would get cool enough to sleep with a sheet, If I could even find the top sheet that is.

Last night the cat decided to get cozy with her elegant but very warm furry tail. How I did not boot her off the bed I do not know. As hot as I have been at night I’m glad I have no human bed partner. I’d have booted them out of bed days ago. Especially since I have a knack for attracting the kind of bed partners that are heat seeking missiles. And who don’t understand that I am not that kind of sleeper. Nothing like having to defend yourself from a dead sleep by a person who takes that sort of rejection personally. And who you are too sleepy to figure out what the heck her problem is, you’re sleeping for goddess-sake. Cuddling is for when it’s cold not when you are hot, sweaty and sticky from the weather.