Archive | July 28, 2006

Yesterday was the first day it was below 100 degrees after 21 days above. It’s really sad when you think it’s cool because it’s only 97 degrees. That’s just wrong.

Right now I just wish it would get cool enough to sleep with a sheet, If I could even find the top sheet that is.

Last night the cat decided to get cozy with her elegant but very warm furry tail. How I did not boot her off the bed I do not know. As hot as I have been at night I’m glad I have no human bed partner. I’d have booted them out of bed days ago. Especially since I have a knack for attracting the kind of bed partners that are heat seeking missiles. And who don’t understand that I am not that kind of sleeper. Nothing like having to defend yourself from a dead sleep by a person who takes that sort of rejection personally. And who you are too sleepy to figure out what the heck her problem is, you’re sleeping for goddess-sake. Cuddling is for when it’s cold not when you are hot, sweaty and sticky from the weather.

Musing on my other lovely sibling

Most of the time I have no idea how I influenced by sister growing up. She’s almost 10 years younger than me and when I was younger that seemed an enormous and sometimes painful gap. A 6 year old sharing a room with a 16 year old is not an easy thing a good share of the time. Now the gap seems like nothing until last night.

I had given her a cd of yesterday’s play list which is mostly 50’s music and one other that had 60’s music like the Beach Boys and others.

She drives twice a week all around L.A. for her job so I thought she could listen in the car.

She came home and surprised me. She didn’t like the 50’s cd but she wanted more stuff from the 60’s and in particular a lot of the folk music I have. When I asked why that, her reply. “It’s what you were playing all the time and I like it.” Her whole childhood in our room was spent listening to me learn to play the guitar and eventually becoming fairly good at it.

What did she want? Peter, Paul and Mary, Simon and Garfunkel, The Kingston Trio, the Limeliters, and John Denver and anything else I wanted. And she wanted all the versions of the same songs as in both JD’s and P,P&M’s version of “Leaving on a Jet Plane’. In other words, all the things I was playing at home and learning to play for the kids at camp. It never occured to me that she was listening all those years ago. And at the time I probably wouldn’t have cared. I thought she was a brat in my space.

She also wanted old Broadway musicals like Brigadoon and anything Rogers and Hammerstein, or Annie Get Your Gun. That was no surprise since our parents dragged us to shows from birth. I think I was 5 or so when Mom and Dad took Cam and I to Brigadoon and started a lifelong love affair with showtunes.

If I had known I would have dragged her to concerts like when I went to see P,P & M alone because none of my friends would go with me to the Greek Theatre and sat in the very last row and had one of the most fun concert experiences of my life. I did take her to see S & G a few years ago when they had there reunion tour.

This is gonna be fun.