For Sonja

My sister has a close friend that used to live out here but got transferred to New York and believe it or not she has had a worse year than Ali and I.

Her mother died of Kidney problems a few months ago and her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer not too long ago.

She went in for a work physical and was found to have fibroids but when they went in to take them out they found not only fibroids on her ovaries but a tumor on her pancreas and one somewhere else. She just got home after a week in ICU. And today they told her that the tumor on her pancreas was cancer.

Ali and I know that pancreatic cancer has no cure. it kills quickly but I’m glad Ali didn’t tell her that. So maybe just maybe, there are miracles.

She needs some positive energy badly so if you are so moved, her name is Sonja and she is a lovely person who is having a very rough year.